Welcome to my very first blog post!

Hi guys!

Since it’s my first blog post, firstly I’d like to let you guys know what this blog is about. I’ve started playing computer games since I was very young, think I was 6 years old. Also, I was a competetive-professional RTS (Real Time Strategy) game player, at this moment I’m 25 and I’m still much into PC and mobile games. At this moment I’m playing two games, League of Legends – PC and Clash Royale – mobile. You can read more about me in the post “About me”.

In this blog I would like to share game strategies, guides and tips of the games I play or I have played in the past. Express my personal opinion about the newest games or game updates/patches, or just sometimes share something funny or useful!

I hope that you guys will find this blog useful! Enjoy 🙂


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